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I’ve been a designer of digital things for over 12 years, currently Senior UX Designer at Siegel+Gale. I’m also part of an alternative design school and micro-community called The Department of Illusions.

I was late to the design party at 29, after getting hooked on HTML, CSS and JS from out of date Open University books. After a year of making frogs jump in Java and writing JS the wrong way, I landed my first web developer job, which was handy as I couldn’t afford the next modules.

Design is my dream job. We have the power to improve lives, influence communities – maybe change the world, but we can't do it alone. Everyone involved in the use and development of a digital product from user to CEO is shaping it's future. And I'm a believer that only the best products succeed when all those opinions, skills and experiences are pulled together.

You can show me some love on Dribbble, grok some old stuff on Behance, or follow my grumbling on Twitter.

I'm currently open for opportunities – I’d love to hear from you.

Nice things people have said about me.

It’s a rare pleasure to work with a UI/UX designer that’s so adept not only in web development but solid, high quality coding practices. Paul is always able to clearly articulate his thought processes behind his designs and back them up with industry facts. This makes him an incredibly useful resource at all stages of the design and development process.

I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Paul and his expertise into any project, whether it’s to produce a design or as a consultant.

Matt Sanders,
Developer & Integrations Specialist

I worked with Paul over a period of 10 years and his design and developer experience is second to none.

His work was appreciated and valued by colleagues and customers in equal measure. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his expertise and commitment to a finished project which is polished and user friendly.

Lisa Holton, Accountany Services

Paul’s designs are some of the sleekest I’ve seen. Not only is he a fantastic visual and experience designer, his technical knowledge means that the designs he delivers are fun to develop. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

Jack Fletcher, Developer

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