UI Design
UX Research

Working with a fledgling business that specialise in wallpapers and wall murals to improve an underperforming online store, resulting in a massive increase in sales.



We were initially approached to conduct an assessment to find out if we could make small changes to the store to improve sales. We quickly discovered that the site was difficult to navigate, there were some big JavaScript issues mostly revolving around the checkout system, but through the site as a whole. The team at Walls4U agreed to a complete redesign and build.


Unanswered Questions

Through the discovery process we uncovered that users had a lot of important questions including;

What is included in the price?
How do I install my mural?
What happens if installation goes wrong?
How does shipping work?

We began to shape the site structure and content so that it immediately began to give answers. 



Through the ideation process we established a look and feel that was more complimentary to the brand. Walls4U have a team dedicated to producing the lifestyle shots that show the murals in their best light, so it was important that these play a central visual role.

We also dialled back the usage of green/blue accent colour. A more minimal approach would let the user visualise the murals in their own space.


Customising Murals

Probably the most central part of the buying experience is the mural customiser as each is custom made to fit any size wall. The customiser gives the ability to crop to a specific area of the mural, and to flip the image horizontally. This would also need to be 100% usable on smaller devices like mobiles and tablets.


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